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Saturday July 13th, 2024

Glendale Through the Seasons

Aurora Borealis, Milovaig
Auroras may be seen between September and April

There is something to do or see in Glendale throughout the year, not only in the summer.

In summer, you can see whales, porpoises, dolphins and basking sharks.

In winter, there is the amazing opportunity to see the aurora borealis or Northern Lights glowing in our unpolluted skies, together with the milky way and more stars than you can ever imagine.

Our abundant wildlife can be enjoyed in all seasons but outside of the main tourist season they are less wary and it is possible to get closer views.

For detailed information about the climate in Glendale, throughout the year, visit our weather page.





March sees the year's first displays of wild-flowers, with primroses and violets beginning to emerge.

The days are lengthening and this is second best month of the year for seeing the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)
[Recent Aurora Sightings].

April 23rd is lambing time in Glendale, with a few early ones appearing mid-month and gorgeous new-born lambs everywhere by the end of the month.

The gannets, black guillemots and other seabirds begin returning to the cliffs.

In mid-May the bluebells start to emerge and by the end of the month the fields around Milovaig are a sea of blue.

Our resident buzzards are very active at this time, bringing food to their nest.

Daylight Hours : 5:48am to 7:22pm
Daylight Hours : 5:19am to 9:34pm
Daylight Hours : 3:58am to 10:51pm





In June, the sun only just sets and it remains visible just below the horizon all night.

It is an amazing spectacle to step outside your Holiday Cottage at 1am and see the sun glowing underneath the sea.

The stunning midnight sunsets from the pier at Milovaig must be seen.

This is the month for orchids. The fields around Milovaig and Glendale are bursting with Heath Spotted Orchid and Fragrant Orchid.

Glendale Gala is a local highlight around the 19th.

Migrant wading birds congregate on the shores of Loch Pooltiel including Curlew, Common Sandpipers, Greenshank, Redshank and even the occasional whimbrel.

The heathers are in full bloom. This is a good time to see whales, dolphins and porpoises.

Daylight Hours : 3:17am to 11:41pm
Daylight Hours : 4:03am to 11:02pm
Daylight Hours : 5:20am to 9:38pm





September is renowned for being warm and dry, and is very popular with our visitors.

There are still plenty of wildflowers around Milovaig and towards the end of the month, the trees and moorlands begin to take on the gorgeous Autumn hues.

Cooler temperatures make the Autumn and Winter months perfect for walking.

October gives the best chance of seeing the incredible Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) and 2012 has already seen many auroras over Glendale. [Recent Aurora Sightings]

It is also a very good time of year to look for shooting stars.

The Autumn colours are fantastic as the leaves start to turn to gold. The trees and forests are ablaze at this time of year.

This is the month when the seals begin to pair-up and mate. They can become very active, fighting for mates and often leaping clean out of the water.

The firework display at Dunvegan Castle is a must-see event and includes the burning of a replica viking longship.

Daylight Hours : 6:31am to 8:08pm
Daylight Hours : 7:34am to 6:48pm
Daylight Hours : 7:37am to 4:48pm





December and January are excellent months for watching sea eagles. They are very noticeable at this time of year as they begin displaying, pairing up and establishing their territories for the coming year.

Winter is 'quiet' season on Skye. The roads and tourist hotspots are deserted, the mountains are capped with snow and the crisp, clear days provide unrivalled photo opportunities.

Interesting seabirds have a habit of visiting Loch Pooltiel throughout the winter months, including all 3 species of Diver, Slavonian Grebe and Red Breasted Merganser.

In Winter the red deer come down from the hills and magnificent stags can often be seen beside the roads.

The winter months are the best time for watching Otters.

By February, Spring is already in the air and the seabirds return to their nesting ledges at Neist Point.,

MacLeod's Tables Under Snow
MacLeod's Tables under Snow

Read more about Glendale in Winter.

Daylight Hours : 8:16am to 4:34pm
Daylight Hours : 8:03am to 5:14pm
Daylight Hours : 7:02am to 6:20pm

Daylight Hours

These figures are the civil twilight times for Milovaig, Glendale, Isle of Skye on the 21st of each month for 2024. They are dependent on cloud cover and meteorological conditions.
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