The Tourist Guide to Glendale, Isle of Skye

Atlantic Grey Seal
Grey Seal at Neist Point, Isle of Skye.

Recent Wildlife Sightings

18th Jun 2018

There was a female grey wagtail on the burn on the top road in Upper Milovaig at mid-day.

A pair of oystercatchers were feeding two young chicks on the shore at Lower Milovaig.

11th Jun 2018

Risso's Dolphin - Neist Point
June 2018

Risso's Dolphin - Neist Point
June 2018

Four risso's dolphins went north past Neist Point at 1pm. There was a pod of 20 common dolphins far out in the Minch off Neist Point, early afternoon. There were several harbour porpoises feeding around Neist Point during the day.

10th Jun 2018

Common Scoter - Loch Pooltiel
June 2018

Cuckoo - Lower Milovaig
June 2018

There was a common scoter in Loch Pooltiel, near the big waterfall at mid-day. This is the first known record of this species in Glendale. A pair of stonechats were feeding fledged young on the top road in Lower Milovaig. There are still a few late cuckoos around.

Barred Umber - Lower Milovaig
June 2018

Thyme Pug - Lower Milovaig
June 2018

Two rare moths were trapped last night at Lower Milovaig: thyme pug and barred umber (Alison Stables). The thyme pug is only the third ever record on Skye and barred umber is only the tenth ever record on Skye. Both are firsts for Glendale.

9th Jun 2018

Grey Wagtail - Borrodale
June 2018

Grey Wagtail - Borrodale
June 2018

A pair of grey wagtails successfully fledged at least three young at Borrodale.

More recent wildlife sightings

Sea Eagles

Sub-Adult White-Tailed Eagle.

Both White-Tailed Eagles and Golden Eagles nest in North-West Skye. Merlins and Sparrowhawks often flash past through cottage gardens in pursuit of bird-table visitors.
Buzzards are the commonest raptor and pose at the roadsides, to the delight of the tourists, who leave Glendale happy to have seen an 'eagle'.

Garden Birds

Wheatears, Stonechats, Twite, Ravens, Hooded Crows, Goldcrests, Redpolls and Cuckoos are common around the Cottages and regularly come into the gardens.

Chaffinches, Greenfinches, Goldfinches and Siskins visit bird feeders and, in Winter, redwings and fieldfares feed on lawns.

Magpie Moth at Milovaig
Magpie Moth in Milovaig.


Sea Anemones and Winkles
Sea Anemones and Winkles at Milovaig.

There are fascinating rock pools near Meanish Pier containing beautiful sea anemones, winkles, crabs and sea urchins.


Atlantic Grey Seals are very common in Loch Pooltiel. They are very curious of people and will come closer to investigate if you whistle or sing at the sea-shore. There are usually a few basking daily on the skerries in Loch Pooltiel at low tide.

Whales & Dolphins

Minke Whale at Neist Point

This area is the best place on Skye for seeing whales, porpoises and dolphins. Dolphins are often seen outside the Three Chimneys Restaurant at Colbost. Minke whales and basking sharks are regularly seen off Neist Point from late April until the end of the Summer, with June/July being the peak months.

Even Killer Whales have entered Loch Pooltiel to hunt the seals. Read More


Otters often hunt for sea urchins on the shore of Loch Pooltiel and they regularly fish for trout in the many burns that flow into the Loch.

Broken sea urchin shells at the shoreline are a sure indicator of their presence. Read More


Heath Spotted Orchid
Heath Spotted Orchid.

Some very interesting and unusual plants are common in Milovaig including Heath Spotted Orchid, Fragrant Orchid and Early Purple Orchid.

Carnivorous butterworts and sundews use their sticky leaves to trap passing flies. Bog Asphodel, Ragged Robin, Saxifrages, Spurges, Thrift and Monkey Flower can be found.


Black Guillemots are the commonest auk and are resident all year round. Gannets plunge-dive for fish into the Loch in the long Summer evenings. Fulmars nest on the sea cliffs.

Red-breasted Merganser, Eider Ducks, Red-Throated Divers, Great Northern Divers and Black Throated Divers are all regular visitors. Read More

Shore Birds

Oystercatchers, Curlews, Snipe, Common Sandpipers and Rock Pipits are very common around the shoreline of Loch Pooltiel and breed on the heather moorland.

Whimbrels pass through on migration and Golden Plovers are common in Winter.

Bluebells beside Loch Pooltiel
Bluebells flowering beside Loch Pooltiel.

Wild Flowers

Milovaig is renowned for it impressive displays of wild flowers, with the fields beside Loch Pooltiel carpetted with flowers from Spring until late Autumn.

The Primroses and Violets of Spring, give way to beautiful wild bluebells in June and, in turn, to Orchids, Wild Herbs, Vetches and Heathers in Summer.