The Tourist Guide to Glendale, Isle of Skye


Gannets are very common in Glendale and they can be seen daily, diving close to the shore and Pier in Loch Pooltiel, between April and October.

It is a spectacular sight to watch them plunging head-first into the water from great heights on the long Summer evenings.

Gannet in Loch Pooltiel.


Great Skuas, commonly known as 'bonxies', and the daintier Arctic Skuas are now being seen regularly at Neist Point between May and September. Bonxies also regularly come into Loch Pooltiel to harass the gulls.


Manx Shearwaters feed in huge numbers off Neist Point in late Summer.

Recent Bird Sightings

15th Sep 2020

A 2.5 hour seawatch at Neist produced: 4 arctic skuas, 1 bonxie, 1 manx shearwater, 4 red-throated divers.

There were quite a few migrants on the point: 2 late skylarks, 5 wheatears, 30 twite, 6 pied wagtails.

8th Sep 2020

There was a late wheatear at the foot of the steps at Neist Point in the afternoon.

7th Sep 2020

There was a late lesser black-backed gull on the skerries in Loch Pooltiel at dusk.

More recent wildlife sightings

Black Guillemot at Neist Point.


In Summer, the stunning coastal waters and cliffs around Glendale are home to many hundreds of guillemots, razorbills, fulmars, kittiwakes and shags.

Puffins are also regularly seen off Neist Point in small numbers, although they do not nest on Skye.

The beautiful black guillemot, with its white wing-patches and red legs, is resident all year round.

Fulmar at Neist Point.