The Tourist Guide to Glendale, Isle of Skye

A short walk to explore Neist Point, starting from the visitors car park at the Point. (1.5 miles, 1 hour).

Getting There

From Milovaig, drive back to towards Glendale and take your first turning on the right.

Follow the road as far as it goes and park up in the car park (Map) (The picture on the right shows the view from the car park).

The Walk

Walk towards the white double-gates and descend the steep path/steps down the cliff towards the lighthouse. This is a good concrete path with steps and handrails, leading all the way to the Lighthouse and Keepers' Cottages.

Once you reach the bottom of the steps, continue along the concrete path towards the next hill. On your right there are excellent views of the Outer Hebrides across The Minch and of nesting sea-birds, mainly fulmars, on the cliffs. To your left you will see traces of the ancient field workings known as runrigs.

Follow the concrete path over the hill. The Lighthouse and Point will come into view. To your left you will see the small jetty that serves the Lighthouse. You are now free to leave the concrete path and make your way past the cottages/lighthouse and down to the point itself.

The ground is quite boggy once you leave the path but you should be able to make out a track running diagonally to your left with old planks to help you across the worst bits. Keep going Westward until you reach the rock formations of the causeway.

There are fabulous views all around from the Western-most point (click here for more information and photographs of the Point & Lighthouse).

You can explore the Point, then make your way back to the concrete path and re-trace your steps back to the car-park. Unfortunately, it is all up-hill on the way back and you have two long, steep climbs before you get back to the Car Park.

Waterstein Head from the coral beach at Neist Point
Waterstein Head from the Coral Beach at Neist Point.
Neist Point Lighthouse
Neist Point Lighthouse.

Neist Sightings & News

22nd Apr 2019

A four-hour seawatch at Neist Point produced 98 golden plovers flying south, 140 pink footed geese north, 683 puffins north and 125 manx shearwaters with small numbers of passerines flying south including skylark, meadow pipits, hirundines and goldfinches (per

19th Apr 2019

There were two swallows and a linnet feeding around Neist Point Lighthouse, mid morning. Swallows are still scarce, these being only the 2nd and 3rd birds of the spring.

A magpie was seen again at Waterstein, late afternoon (Brian Smith).

8th Apr 2019

White-Tailed Eagle - Neist Point
April 2019

White-Tailed Eagles - Neist
April 2019

There were eight white-tailed eagles together at Neist Point this afternoon putting on a fantastic aerial display of tumbling and diving. Two even locked talons and dropped from a great height, breaking apart just moments before they would have crashed into the sea.