The Tourist Guide to Glendale, Isle of Skye

Waterstein Head and Loch Mor
Waterstein Head reflected in Loch Mor.

Waterstein Sightings & News

15th Oct 2018

There was an adult white-tailed eagle over Druim nan Sgarbh, Waterstein at 5pm. There were 10 lapwings at Loch Mor, late afternoon. There were 10 little grebes and 2 tufted ducks on Loch Mor, late afternoon. There was a single jack snipe at Neist Point in the afternoon.

6th Oct 2018

There were 5 little grebes, 3 tufted duck and a goldeneye on Loch Mor (Lynden Schofield).

30th Sep 2018

There was a late skylark in the garden at 6 Waterstein (Brian Smith).

A short walk to the Trig Point on Waterstein Head, giving astounding views. 2-3 miles. 2 hours.

Getting There

From Milovaig, follow the road back towards Glendale and take your first right onto the Neist Road. You can either walk, or take the car.

Continue along this road as it gently climbs uphill and park in the lay-by on the left hand side when you reach the summit. This is at the point where the road begins to descend steeply down to Waterstein.

The Walk

Running at 90 degrees to the road, to your left, you will see a stone/turf dyke running along the ridge towards Waterstein Head. Follow the ridge, as it climbs towards Waterstein Head, and then continue along the edge of the cliff, on a well-worn track until you reach the summit and Trig Point (970 feet above sea-level).

The views are incredible, through 360 degrees: with MacLeod’s Tables behind, Lorgill Bay to your left, the Western Isles ahead, and Moonen Bay/Neist to the right.

For those wishing to extend the walk, it is possible to continue along the cliff top, towards Ramasaig, and cut across the moor to join up with the Ramasaig road, or re-trace your steps back to the lay-by.