Glendale, Skye - Tourist Guide

Glendale Tourist Guide

Sunday May 19th, 2024

The Walk to Waterstein Coastguard Station

A circular walk from Neist visitors' car park to the Old Coastguard Station, around Mainteach nan Tarbh and then returning via Waterstein village. (4 miles, 2-3 hours).

Getting There

From Milovaig, drive back to towards Glendale and take your first turning on the right.

Follow the road as far as it goes and park up in the car park.

The Walk

Rather than descending the steps to the lighthouse, follow the headland around to the right (North). This gives excellent views down over Neist Point and the Lighthouse (as shown in the photograph on the right).

After about half a mile, you will reach the old coastguards' hut (Map ). This is still standing, with the walls and roof intact but the windows and fittings are long gone. It makes a good place to shelter in a storm.

From here, keep following the cliff-tops around until you descend into a small glen leading down to Oisgill Bay. You can explore the bay and the massive sea-cliffs. There are superb views over The Minch to the Western Isles.

Oisgill Bay
Oisgill Bay and Biod Ban.

The photograph on the left shows the view of Oisgill Bay as you will approach it from the Old Coastguard Station.

For your return, cross the burn and follow a well-defined track along the Northern bank of the small glen leading South-East, until you reach a large passing place and sheep fank beside the Waterstein road. Avoid the Southern bank of the burn, which is very boggy at all times and passes through private property.

Turn right and follow the road back to the Car Park.

Neist Point and Lighthouse
Neist Point and Lighthouse.

Waterstein Sightings & News

12th May 2024

Common Tern - Neist
May 2024

There was a flock of 18 common terns surface-feeding at Neist Point in the morning. An arctic skua went south and there were 3 whimbrels on the point.

7th May 2024

Minke Whale - Neist
May 2024

There was a minke whale off Neist Point at mid-day, that made a very close pass, and two harbour porpoises.

Great Northern Diver - Neist
May 2024

Whimbrels - Neist
May 2024

2.5 hour seawatch at Neist Point: 1 arctic skua south, 24 whimbrels in total (some on the point and some heading north), 1 sand martin north, several hundred kittiwakes north. There were four purple sandpipers on the point and a great northern diver off shore. Only one fulmar on the nesting ledges and no fulmars on the water.

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